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Girls' Night Out

Cocktail Parties

You read that right! Original Fairy Hair is for everyone. Did you know that a majority of our clientele is 35 and up? So, it is a perfect time to gather up your tribe and sparkle on! You can shake up your cocktails with a Fairy and let the sparkling begin!  Contact Us!

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Birthday Parties

You were born to sparkle so Happy Birthday one and all! Add shine to your party with a real-life fairy in human form to sparkle and bless you with pixie dust for your special day. Contact us about our special rates for parties over 40 participants!


Contact Us about our special rates for parties over 40 participants!

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Markets & Festivals

Do you wish to sparkle your festival? Our Fairies love to add shine at events and festivals. Making connections with others is the best way to spread more shine to our community.  Contact Us!



Wedding Party


There is nothing like the natural glow of a bride on her wedding day! Why not add even more with stunning and perfectly placed Original Fairy Hair. You were born to sparkle and this is the perfect time. Contact Us!

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Parties

She’s bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne so grab the bride and celebrate! Having a Fairy in human form sparkle everyone creates memories which shine on forever! Contact Us!

Bridal Shower Picnic

Bridal Showers

A day of fun and a day of friends is only made better when there is a Fairy in human form! Sparkle and shine while celebrating everything that is love. Contact Us!



It's a Girl

Baby Showers

The beauty and magic of a baby to be is truly a time to celebrate. Original Fairy Hair adds just a bit more sparkle and is one of our Fairy’s favorite times to shine on! Mama’s and her friends can enjoy the radiance our Fairy’s perfectly provide.  Contact Us!

Smiling Student

Bat Mitzvahs

Taking your place in the Jewish community is a celebration of joy and excitement. Shine on with Original Fairy Hair to bring that something special to your event!  Contact Us!

Confetti Party


Often your Quinceañera marks the most lavish experience of a girl’s life celebrating the transition from childhood to adulthood. Sparkle and shine like a fairy-tale princess and even pamper your friends in this shiny party detail that will make your party unique and fun!  Contact Us!


And more...

KekeVanB’s Original Fairy Hair, the only Original Fairy Hair in Florida, typically books 2 to 3 months out for a private event. If you have a special day in mind please reach out at your earliest opportunity to discuss details. Of course, we always invite you to reach out anytime just in case we’re able to make some last-minute magic happen.  Contact Us!

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