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KekeVanB Original Fairy Hair

The finest quality Original Fairy Hair with the most brilliant shine, adding flourish and flair.
KekeVanB Original Fairy Hair is the pizzaz you've always wanted.



Turn your dream into a reality

Original Fairy Hair

KekeVanB's Original Fairy Hair is the finest quality Magical Silk Fairy Hair, Not Tinsel,  which we fuse to one strand of hair. It will last until that strand of hair falls out naturally. It can last months or a day...when you lose that hair, who can say. You can wash it, brush it, comb it, curl it, Color it, straighten it blow it dry, and get a haircut with it in. Do whatever you normally do to your hair but most of all, enjoy it! 



I’m KekeVanB, owner and founder of KekeVanB Original Fairy Hair. I am also the Fairy Goddess Mother to the incredible Frolic of Fairies who love to leave a sparkle wherever they go!  Read More >>


“Keke does an excellent job. It gives your hair a bit of "zing" without looking obnoxious. She did 20 strands for me 3 months ago. Only about 5 have fallen out. I can't wait to sign up again to get them refreshed!”

Ann Dotzauer

Our Experience

Expect to be dazzled from beginning to end with a concierge boutique experience. KekeVanB Original Fairy Hair will always have a Fairy happy to assist you in the booking process, reviewing all details of your party or event. Minimum headcounts, booking times, best procedures for maximum results, or even just answering frequently asked questions are just some of the things our Fairy’s are there to help with. Read More >>

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